CHLORSHIELD™ delivers the next generation of swimming pool surface gelcoat technology. Consisting of all new polymers built from the ground up, CHLORSHIELD™ is designed to and delivers the ultimate in durability and unparalleled protection for your pool’s cosmetic appeal from bleaching and chemical attack. Never before seen performance, not only easily surpassing Australian Standard AS1838, but blowing it out of the water. All while being offered in an extraordinarily wide range of vivid colours and highlights by our licensed manufacturing partners. But just don’t take our word for it, listen to chlorination experts and look at our testing results data.


We provided leading Australian chlorination experts Brauer Swim with one of our CHLORSHIELD™ gelcoat pool shells for quality assurance testing of both their commercial and retail chlorinator and ozone systems. We said to them "do your worst" and that they did. For the last year, Brauer swim have used our pool shell to test all of their chlorination and ozone units up to a staggering 3000 grams of chlorination per hour. In Brauer Swim's video above, they quality test their M2000 commercial chlorinator. This unit produces 2000 grams of chlorination at 3500tds salt level, which in simple terms is approximately a massive 20 litres of hypo or liquid chlorine per hour. Despite this, as you can see in their video the CHLORSHIELD™ pool gelcoat remains unaffected after a year's worth of testing. A never before seen result. CHLORSHIELD's unmatched performance is also shown by our rigorous testing data.


Fibreglass pool gelcoats have been taken to a whole new level. The CHLORSHIELD™ panel and commercial competitor panel shown above were both subjected to the same test of 5000ppm of Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) at 11.6pH for 24 hours at 60°C. As you can see, the CHLORSHIELD™ panel shows no sign of chlorine bleaching and oxidation of the panel surface from the test, while the competitor panel is extremely bleached and oxidised.


CHLORSHIELD™ easily exceeds Australian Standard AS1838:2021. The graph above shows reflectance at each point of the visible spectrum wavelength. This is important as bleaching (whitening) of the panel will result in increased reflectance. As illustrated by the graph, the CHLORSHIELD™ panel shows no sign of bleaching under Australian Standard AS1838:2021, as the tested panel below and above the liquid level lines (blue and yellow) display no upward increase in reflectance relative to the untested panel line (red).


Testing at CHLORSHIELD™ has been taken to another dimension by using Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) liquid in a solution of approximately 5000ppm Chlorine with a pH of 6.5 and at a temperature of 60°C for 24 hours to better replicate the effects of salt and mineral pools. A far tougher test with 10 times the Chlorine concentration of Australian Standard AS1838:2021. One that CHLORSHIELD™ passes comfortably. As displayed on the graph above, the CHLORSHIELD™ panel shows no signs of bleaching with the tested panel’s below and above liquid level lines (blue and yellow) showing no upward shift relative to the untested panel line (red).


CHLORSHIELD™ has been tested to the harshest of extremes, not only using a test of Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) liquid in a solution of approximately 5000ppm Chlorine, but with an increased pH of an astronomical 11.6. That is approximately 1000 times more alkaline than a bad pool which typically has a pH in the 8s. As shown by the graph above, CHLORSHIELD’s performance is mind-blowing. The CHLORSHIELD™ panel shows virtually no signs of bleaching when subjected to this test as the tested panel’s below and above liquid level lines (blue and yellow) show effectively no upward shift relative to the untested panel line (red).


With 99.5% gloss retention under the most stringent of tests at 5000ppm sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) with a pH of 11.6 for 24 hours at 60°C, CHLORSHIELD’s performance is simply exceptional. Gloss is not only a measure of your pool’s cosmetic beauty but also its health as when a pool surface corrodes or deforms its gloss level (reflectance of light) is diminished. To protect your pool’s gloss, choose CHLORSHIELD™.


CHLORSHIELD™ is proud to be from Australia, the home of fibreglass swimming pool innovation. Australia's preeminent history began with the discovery of using the highly corrosion resistant Derakane vinyl ester resin and hydrophobic fumed silica for the pool industry in the 1980s to solve osmostic blistering and blackspot. With over 40 years of industry experience, CHLORSHIELD™ creator and founder Larry Beston played an active role in these developments. Today, CHLORSHIELD™ writes a new chapter in the history books with its new patented swimming pool surface gelcoat technology protecting your pool from bleaching and chemical attack. The industry's most significant and exciting innovation in decades.


Seeing is believing, and yes this is CHLORSHIELD™ in brilliant black, one of an almost limitless range of vibrant and vivid colours available for your pool through our licensed manufacturers. In addition to a myriad of colours, we also offer particulates including glitters, chips, holograms and pearlescents with the highest level of corrosion resistance to add an extra level of brilliance to your pool. With such a vast array of colours and particulates, you will be able to customise the pool of your dreams.


CHLORSHIELD™ is built tough with advanced flexural strength and impact resistance. This provides additional protection for your pool against potential cracking in transport. Furthermore, it adds extra resilience against thermal cracking or cracking in the event of limited soil subsidence.


CHLORSHIELD™ gelcoats are optimised for UV resistance to retain stunning colour and gloss during the life of your pool.


CHLORSHIELD™ defends your pool’s particulates including coloured glitters, chips, holograms and pearlescents from chemical attack. It bonds tightly to these particulates to guard the pool’s surface finish, also preserving its beauty, finish and sparkle. Additionally, all particulates selected for manufacture by CHLORSHIELD™ are stringently tested for maximum corrosion resistance.